All Louisianans have the opportunity to achieve career and financial success.

Our first priority is making sure everyone recognizes the many opportunities available in Louisiana, right here, right now. Louisiana Calling’s multiyear public messaging campaign, resources, and strategic partnerships are helping Louisianans to discover and learn about the many pathways to great careers and financial stability.

Our second priority is connecting Louisiana’s citizens to the education and training required to develop high-value skills and secure those great careers.

The Challenge

To correct outdated perceptions that stigmatize the many high-value careers that do not require a four-year college degree.

Our Two-part Mission
  1. Feature available high-value careers, including required education and skills.
  2. Inspire Louisiana’s high school students and our under-skilled/underemployed citizens to find their calling, skill up, and build the life of their dreams.

Total Working Population

High School Diploma

No High School Diploma

High School + Post Secondary Credential

Louisiana Calling

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