Chef and Head Cook

Chefs and Head Cooks oversee the operation of a kitchen and make sure that we can always find a good place to eat. If you have good people skills, the ability to adapt in different situations, and of course a love for food, this career could be the one for you!

What You'll Do

As a Chef and Head Cook, you’ll:

  • Typically oversee the daily food prep
  • Supervise and coordinate activities of other cooks and food prep workers
  • Develop recipes and create menus
  • Inspect the workplace and supplies
  • Hire and train workers


  • Art, Design, and Creativity
  • Physical and Hands-on Work
  • Problem Solving


Want to be a Chef and Head Cook?

Explore the education and training opportunities currently available through Louisiana’s 13 community and technical college campuses across the state.

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Total Working Population

High School Diploma

No High School Diploma

High School + Post Secondary Credential

Louisiana Calling

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