Physical Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapy Assistants work directly with patients in a healthcare setting. This career is great for anyone with an interest in healthcare, with strong communication skills, and who enjoys caring for people.

What You'll Do

As a Physical Therapy Assistant, you’ll:

  • Work collaboratively with physical therapists
  • Instruct, motivate and safeguard your patients as they practice exercises and functional activities
  • Administer treatments, observe patients and document results
  • Help maintain physical therapy equipment and associated facilities


  • Caregiving
  • Physical and Hands-on Work
  • Problem Solving


Want to be a Physical Therapy Assistant?

Explore the education and training opportunities currently available through Louisiana’s 13 community and technical college campuses across the state.

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Total Working Population

High School Diploma

No High School Diploma

High School + Post Secondary Credential

Louisiana Calling

9331 Bluebonnet Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70810

1-844-LA-CALLS (1-844-522-2557)


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